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(R) General & Miscellaneous

What is the current time in Israel?

Go to website:  www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/custom.html?cities=110

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How much walking will we do?

Israel is a land of beautiful hills and valleys, and we will be walking on several of them. The walks are not extremely strenuous, but be prepared to do some walking over uneven terrain.

The best way to prepare is to begin walking, on a daily basis, in the shoes you will be wearing while in Israel. Try to build up some physical stamina by exercises and proper diet. Try walking 3,000 steps a day (or about 30 minutes on the treadmill).

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I have limited mobility. What special facilities are available?

Due to the lack of handicapped accessible facilities, persons needing wheelchairs or ambulatory assistance will find travel on this program quite difficult and many sites will be inaccessible.

 Please Note: Due to liability, PTPM staff members and ship's crew members are not allowed to assist passengers who are using mobility devices, including wheelchairs, or who need ambulatory assistance.

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What are the languages used in Israel?

Although Hebrew and Arabic are Israel's official languages, English is Israel's adopted second language, spoken so extensively that even street signs are also in English.

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What about travel protection INSURANCE coverage?

Please review the protection plan that has been included in your pre-tour literature. (See above under “INSURANCE (Travel).”

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What is this about a "Photo CD" ?

After the tour, we give everyone a CD called “A PHOTO JOURNAL” of the entire pilgrimage, consisting of some 1,000-2,000 pictures taken by members, with explanations and descriptions of the 100+ sites visited, and other pictures.

This is a unique keepsake for members to share with family and friends for many years.

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Any other travel advise?

Yes, here are some–

(1) Be on time for the bus and be prepared to rotate seats on bus

(2) Settle personal charges the night before checking out of hotel   

(3) Notify your tour leader, Bus Captain or guide if you will not be on the bus for sightseeing

(4) No smoking allowed in dining room, on bus, or in lecture hall

(5) Remember you are a guest in another country. Customs and food will be different than at home.

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