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(K) Currency, Money, Tips

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What type of currency is used?

Shekels in Israel, Pounds in Egypt, Dinars in Jordan.

However, there is no need to change your currency at the banks, as you can pay in dollars almost everywhere.  US currency is widely accepted. We suggest to take a good supply of small bills - 1s, 5s. You will need small change which you can use for smaller items.

Most places also accept traveler's checks, major credit cards and personal checks with adequate identification.  There are also many ATM machines dispensing U.S. dollars.  

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What is the present rate of exchange?

Visit this site to find out the current exchange rate between the various world currencies: http://www.exchangerate.com/

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What is the Shekel?

The Israeli Shekel (NIS) is the country's legal tender.  The Shekel is divided into 100 agorot.  The bills are in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 shekels. 

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How much money should I bring?

This is a personal decision. NOT included in your tour cost are: Optional Tours (which are paid in cash directly to your guide), shopping and lunches. Taking a minimum of $500 dollars in cash is recommended.

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Should I exchange some money before departure?

This is not necessary, but you may feel more comfortable having some local currency before arriving.

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Will the company, or hotel, provide money exchanging services?

All exchanges will need to take place in the airport or at a local bank. Hotels may exchange money into local currency, but may charge a high fee for doing so.

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Will ATM machines be available?

ATMs are available at local banks. The money you receive will be in the local currency.

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What about travelers checks and credit cards?

We do not recommend the use of travelers checks as you may experience difficulty using and/or cashing them. In addition, banks usually charge a significant handling fee when cashing travelers checks. Credit cards can be used for most purchases.

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How is tipping handled on this trip?

All tipping is already paid by members during Registration. There is no need to tip beyond this. It is not necessary to tip the Guide, the bus driver, porters, the  restaurant staff when group meals are provided, nor to tip the hotel staff.

All tips will be distributed by our company.

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What about other "tips"?

You will not need to tip for standard services.

The maids room cleaning service is not included, and it would be appreciated  daily to place a $1 under the pillow.  Moreover, you request any special services from the staff, additional gratuities would be appropriate.

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