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(J) Meals, Food, Beverage

What meals are included in my journey?

For Holy Land tours, Breakfast and Dinner are included. Lunches only included when specified, such as Peter’s fish lunch at Sea of Galilee. Coffee or tea are served at breakfast, but beverages at dinner will be at a supplemental charge.

For “Footsteps of Paul” and “Three Continents Cruise,” all 3 meals are included.

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If lunches are not included, where will I be eating?

Whenever possible, we will seek to stop at restaurants that offer a variety of items that can be purchased a la carte. Occasionally, however, we may need to stop for lunch at restaurants that only offer complete meals at a fixed price.

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What are the food in the Hotels?

Quite often restaurants have Western & Eastern food options. Fresh fruits and vegetables, along with breads and soups, are quite common. At the hotels it's often best to begin with foods that are familiar, but then to take small portions of dishes that might be less familiar. There is sufficient variety at every meal so that individuals can find foods they will enjoy.

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How do I pay for my drinks at dinner?

Beverage charges and any other miscellaneous charges (laundry services, spa/exercise facility entrance fees, etc.) will be charged to participants’ rooms. Payment will take place at the time of check-out. Payment can be made by cash (U.S. dollars) or through the use of a credit card. (MasterCard or Visa are preferred; DiscoverCard is rarely accepted in Israel.)

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Can you accommodate special food requests for those with special needs?

Because of the large number of tourists served each day, it is difficult for hotels and restaurants to accommodate special food requests. However, the wide variety of food choices makes it relatively easy for most individuals to find the foods they can eat. Those with very special needs might want to bring along some snack items to supplement their diet.

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Can we drink the water?

Yes, the water in Israel is okay ― especially at the hotels. So for the most part you don't need to worry about water or food. If you're not sure or want to be extra cautious, you can buy bottled water which will be available on your bus.

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