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(A) The Tour & Costs

Compare the Bible Lands Tour to a Time Machine.

          When you go to Israel and other Bible lands, you will be traveling in some of the oldest nations on earth—yet some of the newest.

Israel is a land of incredible contrasts. You will see the ruins of ancient civilizations, and the skyscrapers of modern Tel Aviv. It abounds with ancient artifacts, yet it continues to blossom like a rose.

You do not just read the BIBLE, you experience it. After your visit in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and other New Testament lands, the Bible will come alive in your life and future ministry.

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♦ What is your ministry’s objectives for these tours?

Since we consider each tour to be an “once-in-a-lifetime” experience for members, we want every minute to count in all our tours—all based on Bible content. These are “Pilgrimages” which aim for the spiritual edification and renewal of members.

There will be fun and fellowship, and lots of life-long memories to share with family and friends, upon our return home. Through Bible readings, singing, praying, and caring for one another, we will experience revival and renewal of soul and spirit—while traveling in Bible lands.

Moreover, since we want more of God’s people to go at least once to “His Land,” our tours are very affordable and competitive, compared to the longer number of days, the maximum Bible sites visited, and our intensive program of quality Bible teaching,. Our margin is kept very low, in order that more interested believers may join.

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♦ Briefly sketch our Tour Routing

         We follow a special tour routing which maximizes the number of Bible sites to visit, on an efficient travel time table.

          Starting from Amman, the capital of Jordan, we crisscross the country from Petra to the Sea of Galilee, using both the King’s and Desert highways.

          Then, entering Israel through its northern border, we first enjoy the cool and serene Sea of Galilee—so prominent in Jesus’ earthly ministry—and then drive to the northern tip of Israel, through the Golan Heights. Then, covering the rest of Galilee, we travel down the long Mediterranean coast from Mount Carmel to Joppa-TelAviv.

          From the beautiful coast, we veer east to come to JERUSALEM “the Golden City,” spending several days there. Then, on down to Jericho near to the Dead Sea, which is far below sea level. Travel the Arabah desert from the Dead Sea down to the refreshing Red Sea port of Eilat.

          We go to East Jordan, and visit Petra, Madaba, Mt. Nebo, Amman, and Jerash - sites filled with Old Testament Biblical events.

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♦ How about the COST of the trip?

Every effort is made to make the price as all-inclusive as possible. Our  published price is based on the time of year, number of days, total number of participants, and ever-changing tariff rates.

INCLUDES:  Airfare and Land tour cost. The latter includes hotel lodging (double occupancy), all breakfasts and dinners, ground transport, guide and driver, admission to all sites, Bible study materials, Bible teachers & staff, and Photo-CD (after the tour).

*Please see the Registration Form for a list of all charges related to your group.

The actual tour starts at the group’s Departure city airport (as designated).

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♦ Describe Israel’s international borders

Israel is located at the heart of three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia. Its western border (coastline) is the Mediterranean Sea. Its eastern border (Jordan River) is shared with Jordan. Its southwestern border (Red Sea) joins with Egypt. Its northern tip borders Lebanon and Syria

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♦ What is the Topography of Israel?

Israel occupies an area of only about 8,000 square miles.

Starting from northern Israel, the terrain is hilly, with its highest peak (Mount Hermon) in the Golan Heights. Israel’s mountain ranges run from north to south.

Then follows the famous Galilee region, where Jesus spent most of His life on earth. Galilee’s highest peak (Mount Meron), stretches southward to the Jezreel Valley.

Farther south are the ranges and hilly areas of Samaria and Judea in the west. The capital Jerusalem is at the highest elevation of Judea, with the Judean desert descending down to the Dead Sea to the west.

 The southern Negev Desert region occupies about half of the land area of Israel.

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