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2016 Journeys of Paul Tour

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2019 Holy Land Tour

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                Touring is an art, not just science. Every tour is different. And pilgrimage-tours are sacred ministries to glorify God and edify His people.  Here are 100 questions that are most frequently asked of our Bible study tours these 20 years:

(A) The Tour & Costs

  • Compare the Bible Lands Tour to a Time Machine.

  • What is your ministry’s objectives for these tours?

  • Briefly sketch our Tour Routing

  • How about the COST of the trip?

  • Describe Israel’s international borders

  • What is the Topography of Israel?

(B) Devotional Services

  • Have any lectures or religious services been planned?

(C) Air & Land Travel

  • What language will be used during the tour?

  • Wireless Translation System

  • Can I make my own travel arrangements and join the tour in AMMAN?

  • Will my tour schedule ever change?

  • What airline will be used?

  • When may I receive my flight information?

  • May I purchase my own domestic tickets to the departure city?

  • May I purchase my own international tickets?

  • Who is responsible for any airline schedule changes and/or expenses?

  • May I request special seating and/or meals on the flights?

  • Will my group travel together on the same airline?

  • Will a company representative be available at the airports?

  • Will all flights go through New York/JFK?

  • How much luggage am I allowed to bring?

  • What to expect upon arrival at the airport!

  • What are the BUSES like?

  • What is the max number of passengers we could have in a bus?

  • Are there rest rooms on the buses?

  • Are there Restroom facilities on Mount Sinai?

  • How long is the typical sightseeing day?

  • Is there any free-time during the tour?

(D) Cruise Ship

  • What is the procedure for boarding the ship?

  • Why must I surrender my passport?

  • How does my luggage get to my cabin?

  • How long is the typical sightseeing day?

  •  How is money handled on board ship?

  • Should I exchange some money before departure?

  • Will US currency be accepted for extra expenses?

  • Will I need a Visa?

  • What meals are included in my journey?

  • Should I make a dining room reservation?

  • May I request a special diet?

  • What are the rest rooms like in Greece, Turkey and Italy?

  • Clothing on board:

  • What else can you tell me about the ship?

  • Can my family contact me on the ship?

(E) Registration

  • If I do not have a roommate, will you help me find one?

  • When are Deposits & Final Payments due?

  • What if I need to cancel?

(F) Passport & Visa

  • Do I need a passport?

  • Do we need to "mail" you the passports

  • Will I need a visa?

  • We have U.S. Green Card (Permanent Residency), do we need a Visa?

  • Will I need vaccinations?

(G) Packing & Luggage

  • How much luggage am I allowed to bring?

  • Any last minute items I shouldn't forget?

  • What type of clothes should I bring?

  • Should I bring my prescription medicines?

  • What should I do if my luggage is lost or damaged?

  • What if I lose something on the tour?

  • What should I expect upon arrival at the airport?

  • What about my luggage?

  • What does it mean by “porterage” of only one piece of luggage?


(H) Hotels & Facilities

  • What are the hotel rooms like?

  • Will my electrical appliances work in Israel?

  • Are hair dryers available?

  • Will I have a chance to do laundry?

(J) Meals, Food, Beverage

  • What meals are included in my journey?

  • If lunches are not included, where will I be eating?

  • What are the food in the Hotels?

  • How do I pay for my drinks at dinner?

  • Can you accommodate special food requests for those with special needs?

  • Can we drink the water?

(K) Currency, Money, Tips

  • What type of currency is used?

  • What is the present rate of exchange?

  • What is the Shekel?

  • How much money should I bring?

  • Should I exchange some money before departure?

  • Will the company, or hotel, provide money exchanging services?

  • Will ATM machines be available?

  • What about travelers checks and credit cards?

  • How is tipping handled on this trip?

  • What about other "tips"?

(L) Shopping

  • Will there be opportunities for shopping?

  • Opening and Closing time of Shops

  • What are things to be aware in shopping?

  • What is VAT?

(M) Phone & Communications

  • Can I receive messages from home while on the trip?

  • Keeping In Touch

  • I've heard a lot about prepaid phone cards –What's your advice?

(N) Insurance (Travel)


(O) Safety Issues

  •  Is it safe to travel to Israel?

  • So why do I hear that traveling to Israel is not necessarily safe?

  • What safeguards do you have to assure safety?

(P) Weather & Temperature

  • What is the Climate in Israel?

  • What will the weather be like?

(Q) Distances in Israel

  •  What are the distances between Israel’s major cities?

(R) General & Miscellaneous

  • What is the current time in Israel?

  • How much walking will we do?

  • I have limited mobility. What special facilities are available?

  • What are the languages used in Israel?

  • What about travel protection INSURANCE coverage?

  • What is this about a "Photo CD" ?

  • Any other travel advise?


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