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PAUL LEE TAN (陳宏博博士), Th.M., Th.D.

       Dr. Paul Lee Tan is a pastor, author, and Christian educator. For over 40 years, Dr. Tan has been recognized as an authority on Biblical prophecy, preaching to some 500,000 people in the United States and Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe on Bible prophecy.

       Dr. Tan was Director of Asian Studies and Adjunct Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, Texas, and has served long pastorates in the United States and the Philippines.

       Among Dr. Tan’s books are the Encyclopedia of 7,700 Illustrations (soon-to-be 20,000 illustrations), The Interpretation of Prophecy, and A Pictorial Guide to Bible Prophecy.

       Over the past two decades, Dr. Tan has organized and led over 30 Bible Lands study tours to the Bible Lands (in the Middle East and Europe) for Chinese church groups from all over the world.

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CHRISTINE J. TAN (陳純慈博士), Th.M., Ph.D.

       Dr. Christine Tan has stellar academic achievements. She has two earned Ph.D. degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary (in Bible Exposition) and the University of North Texas (in Higher Education). From college, graduate school to seminary, it was mostly summa- or magna- cum laude-level for her.

       During her dual-doctoral studies, Christine served as Director of Christian Education at a Dallas church. She also lectured in various seminaries and Bible schools in America and Asia on the subject of Eschatology. One of her Ph.D. dissertations - on Revelation 11 - was published in a 4-part series in Bibliotheca Sacra, America's oldest theological journal. She is currently working on various writing projects.

       Most importantly, Christine sincerely loves the Lord. She delights to sing the beloved hymns of faith (her songs to appear on a Music CD). She does her best in everything for God’s glory.

       One night, at age 20, she walked by the Sea of Galilee with her Dad—and like Jesus calling the disciples—she responded to Christ’s call to discipleship and life-long service to God.

       She has been to the Bible Lands some 20 times, always going the “extra mile” in helping organize and lead Bible lands pilgrimages, as “unto the Lord” (Col. 3:23).


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STEPHEN G. TAN (陳建平博士), Th.M., D.Min.

       Dr. Stephen G. Tan graduated summa cum laude from Dallas Theological Seminary and received the J. Dwight Pentecost award in Bible Exposition. He is the Senior Pastor of Grace Christian Church of the Philippines. Under his leadership and Bible exposition, the church has experienced tremendous growth. With over 1,700 adults and young people, the church is now one of the largest Chinese churches in the Philippines.

       He has spoken at conferences and churches throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Stephen has led many PTPM Bible Study Tours in the Middle East and Europe, and is a popular Bible teacher.

       Stephen previously worked as a management consultant for Deloitte and Touche, consistently ranked as a top performing analyst. He graduated cum laude from SMU in Dallas, with Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. He received the "M" Award, the highest award and honor given by the university. He is happily married to his wife Cindy, and they have 3 children: Andrew, Nathan, and Janelle.

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