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~Wherever He Leads I’ll Go


   In January of 1936, the Southern Baptist songwriter B. B. McKinney was leading the music at the Alabama Sunday School Convention which was held that year in the town of Clanton. 

   The featured speaker was the Reverend R. S. Jones, McKinney’s friend of many years, who because of ill health had recently returned from missionary service in Brazil.

   The two men were visiting over dinner one evening when Mr. Jones revealed to Dr. McKinney that his physicians would not allow him to return to South America. 

   When asked about his future plans the missionary said, “I don’t know, but wherever He leads I’ll go.” 

   The words stuck in Dr. McKinney’s mind, and before the convention’s evening session began, he had written both the words and music of this song.

   At the close of Mr. Jones’ message, Dr. McKinney related this story and sang “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go” to the congregation.

—Billy Graham


Where He Leads I’ll Go


(1) “Take up thy cross and follow me,”

I heard my Master say;

“I gave me life to ransom thee,

Surrender your all today.”



Wherever He leads I’ll go,

Wherever He leads I’ll go,

I’ll follow my Christ who loves me so,

Wherever He leads I’ll go.


(2) He drew me closer to His side,

I sought His will to know,

And in that will I now abide,

Wherever He leads I’ll go.


(3) It may be through the shadows dim,

Or o’er the stormy sea,

I take my cross and follow Him,

Wherever He leadeth me.






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