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~We Shall Behold Him

       In 1981, Dottie Rambo had reached what seemed to be the zenith of her song-writing career. She and a young lady were traveling to a revival meeting from their motel. This is her story—

       As we pulled out of the driveway of the motel it was about sunset. I saw one of the most beautiful and unusual cloud formations. I have always loved beautiful cloud formations. I saw colors that I had never seen in my lifetime. It seemed that the clouds almost took on the form of angels. The colors were so brilliant and unusual—blues, azures, and amber.

       Presently the clouds parted. By this time I was weeping so much that I couldn’t see to drive. It seemed, as the clouds parted, as if I could see the Savior coming in the clouds, with trumpets sounding.

       I said to my young companion, “Patty, you’re going to have to drive. I can no longer see.”

       She didn’t know that the Lord was giving me a song. It was being written in my heart because I had nothing on which to write.

       Before we reached the tent meeting, the Lord had given me the whole song. When I got there I could play the entire piece on my guitar. Every phrase was exactly as it should be. Changes were not necessary. It just came like a dayspring:

The sky shall unfold, preparing His entrance;

The stars will applaud Him with thunders of praise;

The sweet light in His eyes shall enhance those awaiting;

And we shall behold Him then, face to face.

       Later Sandi Patti recorded “We Shall Behold Him,” and helped make the song well-known.

       Because of this song, Sandi Patti was named Vocalist of the Year in 1981.

       In that same year, Dottie Rambo received Dove Awards as Songwriter of the Year, and the song itself was named Song of the Year.

—Lindsay Terry








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