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~We Plough The Fields


       This thanksgiving hymn was written by a German, Matthias Claudius, who was born in 1740. 

       In 1779, Claudius had a severe illness in the course of which he came to see his youthful folly, and from that time, he was a humble sweet-spirited Christian, reflecting his faith in the poems he wrote.

       This hymn is part of a much longer poem that sketched rural country life, in  the course of which the country people sang a harvest song of devotion to God.


We Plow the Fields, and Scatter [1]

1           We plow the fields, and scatter

The good seed on the land,

But it is fed and wateríd

By Godís Almighty Hand;

He sends the snow in winter,

The warmth to swell the grain,

The breezes, and the sunshine,

And soft refreshing rain.

Chorus  All good gifts around us

Are sent from Heavín above,

Then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord,

For all His love.

2           He only is the Maker

Of all things near and far;

He paints the wayside flower,

He lights the evening star;

The winds and waves obey Him,

By Him the birds are fed;

Much more to us, His children,

He gives our daily bread.

3           We thank Thee then, O Father,

For all things bright and good,

The seed-time and the harvest,

Our life, our health, our food;

Accept the gifts we offer

For all Thy love imparts,

And, what Thou most desirest,

Our humble, thankful hearts.


[1]Eckert, Paul, Steve Greenís MIDI Hymnal, (Oak Harbor, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.) 1998.






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