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~The God of Abraham Praise


       This hymn, which had, in a sense, a Hebrew origin, is beautifully connected with a young Jewess, the daughter of the chief of a synagogue, who became a Christian and was baptized. 

       Her enraged father vowed to kill her, and she took refuge in the  home of the clergyman who baptized her. 

       There, weeping, her eyes raise to heaven, she sung this hymn of praise to the God of Abraham, made manifest in Jesus Christ her Saviour.



The God of Abraham Praise[1]

1           The God of Abraham praise,

Who reigns enthroned above;

Ancient of everlasting days,

And God of love.

Jehovah, great I AM,

By earth and heav’n confessed;

I bow and bless the sacred Name,

Forever blest.

2           The God of Abraham praise,

At whose supreme command

From earth I rise, and seek the joys

At His right hand.

I all on earth forsake,

It s wisdom, fame, and pow’r;

And Him my only portion make,

My shield and tow’r.

3           He by Himself hath sworn,

I on His oath depend;

I shall, on eagles’ wings upborne,

To heavn’ ascend;

I shall behold His face,

I shall His pow’r adore,

And sing the wonders of His grace

Forever more.

4           The whole triumphant host

Give thanks to God on high

“Hail, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!”

They ever cry.

Hail, Abraham’s God, and mine!

I join the heav’nly lays;

All might and majesty are Thine,

And endless praise.


[1]Eckert, Paul, Steve Green’s MIDI Hymnal, (Oak Harbor, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.) 1998.






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