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~Sweet Peace, the Gift of God’s Love

       Peter P. Bilhorn, wrote concerning the writing of his hymn:

       I had been invited to sing one afternoon in the Ocean Grove, New Jersey Camp-meeting. I sang one of my early songs, “I Will Sing the Wondrous Story.”

       At the close of the service a friend, Mrs. Ida Stoddard Demerast, said, “Mr. Bilhorn, I wish you would write a song to suit my voice as well as ‘I Will Sing the Wondrous Story’ seems to suit your voice.”

       I asked, “What shall it be?”

       She replied, “Oh, any sweet piece,” which suggested the title and which I penciled in my notebook.

       In the twilight hour, at the home of S.T. Gordon, while seated at the piano, the music came to me, but I had no words except the title.

       The following winter, a call came from D. L. Moody, asking me to join Major Whittle in a meeting in Iowa.

       We left Chicago together.

       When nearing Wheaton, Illinois, the engine gave a shrill whistle of warning.

       The train came to a sudden stop. We found, lying in a ditch, the mangled body of an old lady. They carried her across the street into a cottage, leaving a pool of blood where she had lain.

       Major Whittle, placing one hand on my shoulder said, “Do you know that is all Jesus Christ left on this earth? His body rose for our justification, but His blood was left to atone for our sin!”

       I replied, “Yes, Major, and that is what gives me sweet peace, just to know for certain that His blood atones for my sins.”

       When we had returned to the train, the thought of the song came to me again...and the words were written.



Sweet Peace, the Gift of God’s Love[1]

1          There comes to my heart one sweet strain,

A glad and a joyous refrain,

I sing it again and again,

Sweet peace, the gift of God’s love,

2           Through Christ on the cross peace was made,

My debt by His death was all paid,

No other foundation is laid,

For peace, the gift of God’s love.

3           When Jesus as Lord I had crowned,

My heart with this peace did abound,

In Him the rich blessing I found,

Sweet peace, the gift of God’s love.

4           In Jesus for peace I abide,

And as I keep close to His side,

There’s nothing but peace doth betide,

Sweet peace, the gift of God’s love.

Chorus  Peace, peace, sweet peace,

Wonderful peace from above,

Oh, wonderful, wonderful peace,

Sweet peace, the gift of God’s love.


[1]Eckert, Paul, Steve Green’s MIDI Hymnal, (Oak Harbor, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.) 1998.






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