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~Some Golden Daybreak

       While preaching on the radio on the subject of the second coming of Christ, the Rev. C.A. Blackmore was outlining some of the marvelous things that would happen to Christians at the Rapture.

       A lady who had been bedridden for twenty-three years heard the message and wrote, “Will I really be well? Will all pain and sorrow actually be gone?”

       Blackmore replied: “Yes, my friend, some glorious day, when Jesus comes, you will leap from that bed with all the vigor of youth and never know pain again.”

       Blackmore’s son, Carl, was greatly impressed with the reality of this coming event. As he pondered the glorious prospects, the words and melody of a chorus took form in his mind, and he said to his father: “Dad, you should write some verses for this chorus.”

       After much prayer, early one morning, unable to sleep as he anticipated the thrill of the rapture, the elder Blackmore rose from his bed and wrote the verses of “Some Golden Daybreak.”

       As the song became know, it grew in popularity, until today it is used almost by all the leading publishers of gospel songs.



Some Golden Daybreak


(1) Some glorious morning, sorrow will cease,

Some glorious morning, all will be peace;

Heartaches all ended, Labor all done,

Heaven will open, Jesus will come.



Some golden day-break, Jesus will come;

Some golden day-break. Battles all won,

He’ll shout the vict’ry, break thro’ the blue,

Some golden day-break, for me, for you.


(2) Sad hearts will gladden, all shall be bright,

Goodbye forever to earth’s dark night;

Changed in a moment, like Him to be,

Oh, glorious day-break, Jesus I’ll see.


(3) Oh, what a meeting, there in the skies,

No tears nor crying shall dim our eyes;

Loved ones united, eternally,

Oh, what a day-break, that morn will be






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