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~Some Day He’ll Make It Plain


       Mrs. Lida Shivers Leech’s early writings were often rejected by publishers on the ground that they were either too trite or too hackneyed. But her pastor encouraged her to continue. 

                Once, she sent noted composer Adam Geibel a poem that he soon returned, since it failed to meet his rather rigid requirements.  Again she penned several stanzas to match his music, only to have that manuscript come back in the mail, almost as soon as she had posted it.  Undaunted, she tried a third time, but still to no avail. 

       With the graciousness and perseverance born of many a previous heartache and disappointment, she tackled her problem for what proved to be the fourth and final time.

       When Adam Geibel saw her stanzas, he was satisfied, for, as he read them, it seemed as if he himself had written them:

       “I do not know why oft’ ‘round me, My hopes all shattered seem to be;

       God’s perfect plan I cannot see – But some day I’ll understand.”

       “God’s Way Is The Best Way” (copyrighted 1911) is another of her finest original gospel hymns.

—Ernest K. Emurian



Some Day He’ll Make It Plain


(1) I do not know why oft ‘round me,

My hopes all shattered seem to be;

God’s perfect plan I cannot see, …

But some day I’ll understand.



Some day He’ll make it plain to me,

Some day when I His face shall see;

Some day from tears I shall be free,

For some day I shall understand.


(2) Tho’ trials come thro’ passing days,

My life will still be filled with praise;

For God will lead thro’ darkened ways, …

But some day I’ll understand.






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