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~Living For Jesus, Oh, What Peace

       The composer of this consecration hymn, C. Harold Lowden, tells about the origin of the hymn—

       In 1915, I wrote a gospel song entitled The Sunshine song for children’s services. It became quite popular, and many pastors wrote to me that the music should be saved, and a more general setting of words wedded to it. The rhythm and tempo suggested the words Living for Jesus. The idea came to me that a deep consecration setting of words would be most appropriate.

       After much thought and prayer I decided to ask T.O. Chisholm to write the words. I mailed him a copy of the music and suggested the title and the type of refrain which I felt it deserved. In a day or so, Mr. Chisholm returned it to me, saying he didn’t have the slightest idea as to the method used in writing words to music.

       Immediately, I sent the material back to him, telling him I believed God had led me to select him, and suggesting that he permit God to write the poem.

       Within a couple of weeks he had completed the writing of the words, just as they appear in the song today.



Living For Jesus, Oh What Peace


(1) Living for Jesus, Oh, what peace!

Rivers of pleasure never cease.

Trials may come, yet I'll not fear.

Living for Jesus, He is near.



Help me to serve Thee more and more,

Help me to praise Thee o'er and o'er;

Live in Thy presence day by day,

Never to turn from Thee away.


(2) Living for Jesus, Oh, what rest!

Pleasing my Savior, I am blest.

Only to live for Him alone.

Doing His will till life is done!


(3) Living for Jesus, ev'rywhere,

All of my burdens He doth bear.

Friends may forsake me: He'll be true.

Trusting in Him, He'll guide me thru.


(4) Living for Jesus, till at last

Into His glory I have passed;

There to behold Him on His throne,

Hear from His lips, "My child, well done!"







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