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~Heaven Came Down

       The Montrose Bible Conference Grounds in Montrose, Pennsylvania, has been the sight of many wonderful Christian experiences, but seemingly none quite so far-reaching as in the summer of 1961.

       John W. Peterson says:

       “During one of the sessions an opportunity for a time of personal testimonies was given the audience, and Old Jim rose to his feet and told of his conversion experience. In describing that night when he met Christ, he used the phrase ‘It seemed like Heaven came down and glory filled my soul.’

       “Right away I sensed that it would be a fine title for a song, so I wrote it down and later in the week completed the song. It became a favorite almost immediately.”

       The song born that day in 1961 has blessed the hearts of people all over America as well as on the mission fields worldwide.

       John W. Peterson has written more than one thousand songs and fifteen cantatas that have sold more than three million copies. But this song is one of the most beloved among Christians.



       Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul


(1) O what a wonderful, wonderful day-

Day I will never forget;

After I'd wandered in darkness away,

Jesus my Savior I met.

O what a tender, compassionate friend-

He met the need of my heart;

Shadows dispelling, With joy I am telling,

He made all the darkness depart!


CHORUS: Heaven came down

and glory filled my soul,

When at the cross

the Savior made me whole;

My sins were washed away

And my night was turned to day-

Heaven came down

and glory filled my soul!


(2) Born of the Spirit with life from above

Into God's family divine,

Justified fully through Calvary's love,

O what a standing is mine!

And the transaction so quickly was made

When as a sinner I came,

Took of the offer Of grace He did proffer-

He saved me, O praise His dear name!


(3) Now I've a hope that will surely endure

After the passing of time;

I have a future in heaven for sure.

There in those mansions sublime.

And its because of that wonderful day

What at the cross I believed;

Riches eternal And blessings supernal

From His precious hand I received.







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