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The Spirit Led Differently

 The story of missions in more modern times tells of missionaries whose plans have been changed by the Holy Spirit. Judson wanted to go to India, but his course was changed and he went to Burma instead. When David Livingstone was twelve years of age, he read an appeal for missionaries to go to China and he decided to go. His next decision was to be a medical missionary. With this in view he began to complete his medical studies. About the time he was ready to go, the Opium War broke out and Englishmen could not go to China.

 Robert Moffat was in England at that time telling of the South African mission. Livingstone was interested in Moffat’s story and said: “What is the use of waiting for the end of this abominable Opium War? I will go at once to Africa.” Thus the Holy Spirit led Livingstone to Africa and the dreadful slave trade was laid bare to the world.

—Mrs. A. L. Aulick

Wherever He Leads I’ll Go

 Livingstone planned to go to China, but God led him to Africa, to be its missionary-statesman, general and explorer. Alexander Mackay prepared for work in Madagascar, but was directed to Uganda, to aid in founding one of the most remarkable missions in the world. Carey proposed to go to the South Sea, but was guided divinely to India, to give the Bible in their native tongue to its teeming millions.

—J. H. Bomberger


Steering By Higher Compass

 Before the days of modern navigational aids a traveler made the Atlantic crossing in a boat equipped with two compasses. One was fixed to the deck where the man at the wheel could see it. The other compass was fastened up on one of the masts, and often a sailor would be seen climbing up to inspect it.

 The passenger asked the captain, “Why do you have two compasses?”

 “This is an iron vessel,” replied the captain, “and the compass on the deck is often affected by its surroundings. Such is not the case with the compass at the masthead; that one is above the influence. We steer by the compass above.” Do we also as Christians?

—Prairie Overcomer


The North Star

 There is one star in our northern sky which never sets. For thousands of years it has been the brightest and most reliable guide for travelers, especially for sailors. It is called Polaris or the Pole Star. Better known is its name of North Star. It is located directly above the North Pole. You can find it rather readily by following with your eye an imaginary line through the pointers of the Great Dipper. Find it on some starlit night. That is what the Phoenicians and Vikings and sailors of the north did long ago when they started to sail the seven seas. By that bright light they made sure of their location and their direction.


Lining Up Three Light

 “When I was crossing the Irish Channel one starless night, I stood on the deck by the captain and asked him, “How do you know Holyhead Harbor on so dark a night as this?” He said, “You see those three lights? All of them must line up together as one, and when we see them so united, we know the exact position of the harbor’s mouth.”

 “When we want to know God’s will there are three things which always concur: the inward impulse, the Word of God, and the trend of circumstances—God in the heart, and God in circumstances, indicating His will. Never start until these three things agree.”

—F. B. Meyer

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