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~University Of Atheism

 In Ashkabad, the capital of Turkmenistan, near the USSR-Iranian border, is a newly opened University of Atheism. It is offering a six-month course to further the spread of scientific-atheistic knowledge. Graduates are expected to continue “the struggle against religion.”

~No God In UN Charter

 The most significant day in the history of the United Nations came in 1945 when, to appease atheistic Communists, UN leaders decided to omit mention of God in the charter. That action signaled the death knell of the UN in settling the awesome problems of the world.

~ U. S. Atheists Association

 When the American Atheists organization held its first convention in Austin, Texas, five years ago, only a dozen persons attended—and two of them dove under the table when the press was admitted and stayed there until the reporters left.

 In their annual convention in 1975, however, about 960 registered in the open. Mrs. Madalyn Murray O Hair, its organizer, said her organization has a mailing list of 60,000.

 The convention’s “Atheist of the Year” award went to Lloyd Thoren of Peterburg, Indiana, who operated a Dial-an-Atheist” service.

~Thank You Prayer Is Illegal

 The Supreme Court in 1963 banned prayers in public schools. The following prayer by kindergarten children was declared illegal:

 “We thank you for the flowers so sweet;

 We thank you for the food we eat;

 We thank you for the birds that sing;

 We thank you God for everything.”

 George Washington’s final remarks to the nation in 1796 should be widely publicized. He said, “Of all the habits that lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would men claim the tributes of patriotism who would work to destroy these great pillars of human happiness.”

~Prayer Ban In Outer Space

 The woman who was instrumental in getting prayer removed from public schools wanted it banned also from outer space.

 Mrs. Madalyn Murray O’Hair, after hearing words of prayer radioed by the three astronauts as they circled the moon, said, “I think that they were not only ill-advised but that it was a tragic situation. … ”

 The noted atheist said she would register a protest with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which, she declared, had prompted the three test pilots in scheduling the prayer.

—Gospel Herald

~ “No Bibles This Year”

 The University of North Carolina broke a 130-year tradition on graduation day in 1972 by not handing out Bibles to graduating seniors along with their diplomas. The institution’s trustees’ executive committee voted to abolish the practice, which had been questioned on constitutional grounds. The Bibles had been handed out with the diplomas at Chapel Hill since 1842 and had been purchased through student fees.

~See You In Prison

 It is illegal to read the Bible in the public schools of Illinois, but a law requires the state to provide a Bible for every convict! Don’t worry, kids, if you can’t read the Bible in school, you’ll be able to when you get to prison!

—Baptist Beacon

~A Town Called “Liberal”

 Few years ago, a group of people in Missouri founded a town and named it Liberal. They were so extremely ’liberal’ that churches were not to be allowed. In their boom literature they boasted that it was ’the only town of its size in the United States without a priest, a preacher, church, God, Jesus, hell or devil. ’

 But Elder Clark Braden wrote up an account for the Post Dispatch showing that there was little else than hell and devil there, that it was a den of iniquity, that its hotels were brothels and virtue almost unknown. The account was so terrible that they had Braden arrested for criminal libel, and sued him and the Post Dispatch for $25,000 damages.

 After the prosecution had presented all of its evidence, the case was submitted to the jury without rebutting evidence by the defendant and he was acquitted by the jury. The civil suit for damages was dismissed by demand of the plaintiffs, who paid all the costs.

 Liberal was a failure, and even lifelong unbelievers, who had moved there for its advantages, left in disgust. One of them struck the keynote when he said: “An infidel surrounded by Christians may spout his infidelity and the community may be able to stand it but it will never do to establish a society with infidelity as its basis.”

—Ministers’ Research Service

~ Lesson From Reign Of Terror

 During the Reign of Terror, France was declared to be a nation of atheists by the National Assembly. But a brief experience convinced them that a nation of atheists could not long exist.

 Robespierre then proclaimed in the Convention that belief in the existence of God was necessary to the principles of virtue and morality on which the Republic was founded. And on the 7th of May, the national representatives voted by acclamation that “the French people acknowledged the existence of the Supreme Being and the immortality of the soul.”

—Little’s Historical Lights


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