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Can Christians Recognize Each Other in Heaven?

     People on earth have distinct personalities. And we know each other by these characteristics. Does personality extend beyond the grave? Do those we love retain those definite, personal characteristics, as we have known them?  Thank God, we may answer with perfect assurance, “Yes!”

     Dr. John R. Rice said: “Abraham who was on earth is still Abraham, but in Heaven! Lazarus the poor beggar was sick, now he is well. He was a beggar, not he is rich. He was in pain, now he is comforted. Yet he is the same Lazarus and was instantly recognized by the rich man who looked up from Hell.”

     It is true that those in heaven have glorified bodies.  But they had only left their bodies of clay on earth. Now, the mortal is clothed with immortality, the imperfect is made perfect.  They are literally and truly the same people as their loved ones knew them on earth.

     The rich man in Hell recognized Lazarus and Abraham when he saw them in Heaven.  They heard one another speak. The rich man felt the torment of hell.  Lazarus was comforted as sensibly as the rich man was tormented.  People in the next work (both the unsaved in hell and saved in heaven) retain all their senses.

     Though their bodies are yet in the grave, they see as if they had eyes, they hear as if they had ears, they speak as if they had tongues.  Actually, our eyes do not see. It is the soul that sees--using the eyes for windows. It is not the tongue that speaks--but the person behind the tongue.

     In fact, in heaven, saints know each other even better than people knew each other on earth.  1 Cor. 13:12 says: “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”  On earth, even friends and loved ones may not fully understand us. They cannot always know the motives and desires of our hearts. Only in heaven we shall know how some people had loved us. 

     In heaven, our loved ones see, hear, speak, sing and rejoice. Life is fuller, richer, and more glorious, more real with the saints in Glory, than with the saints on earth.  The departed saints are enjoying eternal joy and perfect happiness!

     Thank God, we shall know each other in heaven. Heavenly recognition is proved by the Bible—and witnessed by the blessed testimonies of many who have looked within the gates at their deathbeds.

--P.L. Tan (00-01-23)

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