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10. Can We Decipher the Number “666”?

     Down the Christian centuries, many people have tried to decipher the number 666, and hopefully predict who this infamous person will be.  The following ancient number code has been used:

A =  1
B =  2
C =  3
D =  4
E =  5
F =  6
G = 7
H = 8
I  =  9

J = 10
K = 20
L = 30
M = 40
N = 50
O =  60
P =  70
Q =  80
R =  90

S = 100
T = 200
U = 300
V = 400
W = 500
X = 600
Y = 700
Z = 800


     Actually, the Bible did say it is alright to try to decipher the Mark of the Beast (Rev. 13:18 “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast”).  However, we can never be SURE of our identification.

     Actually, any person's name could be manipulated to fit the symbolical 666, as follows-

     (1) Try out the name in English.  If not, do it in Greek, Hebrew, Latin, or any of the countless alphabetic languages on earth.

     (2) Try adding a title, such as Mr., Mrs., Sir, Honorable, Prince, etc.

     (3) Do not be too exact about the spelling.  A great deal of leeway exists in transliterations of language sounds.

     And so, the following persons have been identified down history as the antichrist, only to be proven wrong by history: Emperor Nero, Caligula, some Roman Catholic popes, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Hitler, Napoleon, etc.

     It is risky to pinpoint a person today as the antichrist through the number 666.  However, we may be sure that by birth or nationality, the antichrist should be an European or America (if America were included under Europe in prophecy).  Moreover, it is impossible to identify him this side of the Rapture, as he would appear only after the disappearance of Christians (2 Thess. 2:7).

--P.L. Tan (00-02-05)


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