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4. Are We Seeing This Action Today?

     Today, all signs point to the necessity of some sort of peace settlement in the Mideast.  The struggles between Israel and the Arabs cannot continue to push the world repeatedly to the brink.  Industrialized nations, such as Europe and America, will not tolerate continual disruption of oil supplies.

     Bible prophecy contains a peace settlement for the Mideast, in fact it is one of the most prophecies in Scripture (Dan. 9:26).

     We posit several unfolding possibilities, as the world goes into the end times--

     (1) Israel is forced to give up much of the occupied territories for strong international guarantees;

     (2) An European federation of 10 nations will protect Israel, headed by the Antichrist;

     (3) Some Arab countries--powerful countries--will join in the guarantee.  The fear of an international economic diasater will cause the more sensible Arab nations, and the industralized West, to seek a final agreement at any cost. 

     (4) There will be general disarmament in that area, with Israel demobilized under an international peacekeeping force;

     (5) Jerusalem may be made into an international city, with free access for Jews, Christians, and Moslems.

     However, this peace will be made to be broken!  It would serve only as an instrument for Antichrist's catapult into world dominance. Israel, which fought so bravely for over 40 years, will be lulled into a false peace with international guarantees--which will prove to be help at the end.

--P.L. Tan (00-02-05)


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