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New Release--

Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations
Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations

Over 125,000 Copies in 15 Printings
By Paul Lee Tan
So well received--
We’ve doubled it!

Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations
Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations

     Everyone appreciates a good illustration. The right illustration at the right time is half the battle for many preachers and teachers.  In fact, a Christian worker needs at least some 20 new illustrations each week for use in various church services.

     Here is an amazing 3,700-page encyclopedia of fresh and unusual illustrations.  It is the largest book of its kind in print.  This storehouse of Christ-centered illustrations brings you thousands of irresistible anecdotes, facts and ideas.


Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations
by Paul Lee Tan

· 3,700 Pages, 650 Topics
· 12,000 Cross References
· NAVE’s Topical Selections
· 140,000 Entries in INDEX
· 40 Years In The Making
· ISBN #0-932940-11-0
· List, $59.95


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Enthusiastic Comments on
Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations

     My personal library is filled with many volumes which contain illustrations, most of which I never use. But this book is vastly different. I find that it is filled with thousands of illustrations that are practical, helpful and usable. I recommend it highly, without qualifications.

--Dr. Bill Bright, President

Campus Crusade for Christ Intl.

     The Encyclopedia of 7,700 Illustrations is more than thorough, practical and appropriate, and catalogued for easy reference. Any minister will find it an asset for easy reference.

--Dr. Tim LaHaye, Pastor and Author

The Beginning of the End

     I am amazed at the variety and freshness of the contents. Usually I tell younger pastors to avoid “illustrations books.” But in this case, I’ll make an exception!

--Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe, Pastor

Back to the Bible Broadcaset

     I was blessed just sitting down and reading through sections of this book. I must confess I did not expect to be blessed by reading a book of illustrations…Your volume is a pleasant surprise!

--Dr. Joseph C. Aldrich,

Multnomah School of the Bible

     Of all the books of illustrations currently available, this encyclopedia stands quite alone. Despite the reservations one must always have regarding such works, this one can be confidently recommended.

--Bibliotheca Sacra

     A “Treasury” in every sense of the word. The thousands of illustrations are arranged in subjects alphabetically, and the extensive indices increase its usefulness tremendously.

--Pulpit Helps

     Even with the high price tag the volume carries, any preacher could easily get his money’s worth—and then some! The biggest problem will be for a preacher to know when to stop taking illustrations from this book.                       

--Sword of the Lord




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