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“Passover Meal
and Last Supper”

Presented in churches, schools,
       and over web broadcast.
DVDs available in:
       - English
       - English–Chinese (translation)
       - English–Spanish (translation)


       The Passover is a most important Jewish ceremony, and the Lord’s Supper is a most sacred Christian ordinance. Some 2,000 years ago, Jesus started the latter during the celebration of the former. The Bible reported—

       Jesus said, “I will keep the Passover…with My disciples.” “And as they were eating, Jesus took bread…Then he took the cup.” (Matt. 26:18; Mark 14:22-23).

       Amazingly, the meaning of the Christian gospel message will be more clearly understood in light of the Jewish Passover ceremony. Here Dr. Paul Tan and his coworkers show the significance and inter-relation of these two Biblical events, and how Christians today may observe the Lord’s Supper more meaningfully.

       Some features of this one-hour presentation include:

        (1) A depiction of the actual Passover Meal, as partaken by Christ and His disciples that night at the Upper Room.

        (2) Celebration of the Lord’s Supper (Communion), with emphasis on the idea of the Meal Covenant.

        (3) Multi-media presentation of the historical geography of Jerusalem and Palestine in Bible times, with over 200 full-color Pictures, photos, maps, charts, Bible verses.


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